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Glossary of Haj & Umrah

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Abaya' cloak-like, woolen wrap.
Abu Bakr first Muslim Caliph.
Al-Baqee' a place in Madina.
Al-ldhtebaa placing the middle of the Reda' under the right arm and the ends ofit over the left shoulder
during Tawaf.
Al-lkhlas  Chapter 112 of theQur'an(Purity of Faith).
Al-Kafirun Chapter 109 of the Qur'an ( Those who reject Faith).
Al-Marwah name of the hillock where a Muslim begins
Sa'yi. Al-Ram walking quickly but with small steps during the first three circuits of Tawaf.
Arafah  the most important stop during Hajj, located beyond Muzdalifah.
Ar-Ramy The Stoning.
As-Safaa name of the hillock where a Muslim ends his last lap of Sa'yi.
Asr the afternoon prayer.
Burqa' a face veil like a Niqab.
Dhul-Hijja the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar.
Dhuhr the noon prayer.
Eid celebration for Muslims.
Ezaar lower cloth of Ihram.
Fajr dawn prayer.
Hajj official Muslim pilgrimage to Makkah.
Hamza one of the Prophet's uncles and a martyr during
the battle of Uhud.
Ifraad isolated form of Hajj.
Ihram the ceremonial state of making Hajj or the Hajj
garments themselves.
Isha night prayer.
Jamrah Monument in Mina.
Jamrah Al Aqaba-the monument closest to Makkah.
Ka'bah the house of Allah in the Holy Mosque in Makkah.
Magrib dusk prayer.
Maqam Ibrahim the stepping stone of the prophet Abraham.
Mes'aa the stretch between As- Safaa and Al - Marwah.
Masha'ir ceremonial shrines.
Mina one of the ceremonial shrines, a valley near Makkah.
Muhammad the last of the prophets, the prophet of Islam.
Muhrim a person in Ihram.
Mutamati a pilgrim performing Hajj Tamattu'.
Muzdalifah one of the ceremonial shrines of Hajj, between Mina and Arafah.
Namira mosque in Mina.
Niqab a face veil revealing the eyes through slashes
Qiran a pilgrim performing Hajj Qiran.
Qibla the direction Muslims face to pray.
Qiraan Accompanied form of Hajj.
Quba a mosque in Madina, used to be on the outskirts.
Qur'an the Book of Allah.
Rakaa a unit of prayer.
Reda' the upper cloth of Ihram.
Rukn A| Yamani-the corner of the Ka'bah which faces Yemen.
Sa'yi the walk made between As-Safaa and Al -Marwah.
Sunnah way of the Prophet.
Surah a chapter of the Qur'an.
Takbeer saying "Allahu Akbar ("Allah is Greatest")
Talbeeya the supplication a Muslim recites once he is in Ihram and has made his intention.
Tamattu' enjoyable form of Hajj.
Tarwiyya the eighth of Dhul-Hijja.
Tawaf circumambulation of the Ka'bah
Tawaf Al-lfadha tawaf for Hajj.
Tawaf Al-Wadaa farewell Tawaf.
Uhud the name of a mountain in Medina and the site of the battle by this name.
Umar the second Muslim Caliph and first Prince of the believers.
Umrah-minor Hajj the combination of Tawaf and Sa'yi.
Uthman the third Muslim Caliph and second Prince of thebelievers.
Wudhu| ablution.

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