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Pakistan is a country with a variety of landscape and climate, high mountains, green
and fertile plains valleys, deserts, lacks, rivers and rich cultural heritage. Its oldest civilization
flourished 5000 years ago, and it is a land of light, spiritual endowment, and a resting place
for innumerable Sufis-mystic. In the midst of it all lie the remnants of one of the most
significant civilizations the world has been a witness to the Gandhara Civilizations. These
magnificent relics are reminiscent of the glorious age between 600 BC and 500 AD. The
most notable places inscribed with indelible marks include Takhtbhai, Swat, Charsada,
Peshawar, Taxila
Pakistan has a variety of Cultural and Archaeological attractions of international merit.
Pakistan is a home of some of the world's oldest archaeological sites inscribed on the world
heritage list namely Moenjodaro and Harappa dating from 2500 to 3000 B.C. comparable to
mesopotian civilization.
Every year thousands of local and foreign tourists visit historical monuments,
archaeological sites, and museums to enjoy their grandeur and beauty. Historical places have
great attraction for domestic as well as foreign visitor. Every year thousands of local and
foreign, visitors visit historical, museums, archaeological sites and museum to enjoy their
grandeur and beauty. The highlights of the report are described has below:-

The number of foreign visitors in Pakistan improved in year 2004, resultantly
foreign visitors, to historical places, museums, and archaeological sites also
increased from 0.0182 million in 2003 to 0.0342 million in 2004, showing a record
increase of 87.9 percent. While the position of domestic visitors to these places
indicates a decline of 6.2 percent during the same period.
Cultural places of tourism importance however, received 5.6 percent less visitors
i.e 2.621 million in 2004, compared to 2.776 million in 2003.
Foreign visitors to historical places more than doubled during 2004, from 6000 in
2003 to 14000 in 2004. However, a decline of 11.4 percent was noted in
domestic visitors to these places.
In 2004 total visitors to museums were 0.572 million, indicating an increase of
4.00 percent, over 2003. Foreign visitors to museums also increased from 11000
in year 2003 to 18000 in year 2004, reflecting a strong growth of 63.6 percent.
In year 2004, total visitors, to Archaeological sites were 0.153 million, indicating
an increase of 59.4 percent over 2003. Foreign visitors to Archaeological sites
doubled from 1000 in year 2003 to 2000 in year 2004.


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