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Cultural sites located in Lahore being popular among the visitors,
received the highest number of visitors being 81.0 percent of the total
visitors, followed by Moenjodaro 4.6 percent, Taxila 3.0 percent,
Islamabad 2.9 percent, Hyderabad 1.8 percent, Sheikhupura 1.6
percent and Harappa 1.2 percent. Relatively fewer visitors visited
Banbhore, Hunza, Swat, Sialkot, Umer Kot, Peshawar, Takht-e-Bahi,
and Dir.
The Lahore Fort remained most popular among the visitors to the
historical places in 2004 and attracted 1.205 million visitors that is
63.5 percent of visitors to all historical places, followed by Shalamar
Garden 0.535 million or 28.2 percent. The magnificent tomb of King
Jahangir shared 0.100 million or 5.3 percent and Hiran Minar
attracted 0.041 million or 2.2 percent. While historical places Baltit
Fort, Hunza, Northern Areas attracted 0.015 million or 0.8 percent of
total visitors only.
The Lahore Museum attracted the highest number of visitors (48.6
percent), followed by Taxila Museum (13.8 percent), Sindh Provincial
Museum, Hyderabad (8.2 percent), Pakistan Museum of Natural
History, Islamabad (7.3 percent), Heritage Museum Islamabad (5.8
percent), Archaeological Museum Harappa Sahiwal (5.6 percent),
National Museum, Karachi (2.6 percent). Combined together these
seven Museums, attracted (91.9 percent), of the over-all visitors to
Museums, Archaeological Museum of Saidu Sharif Swat (1.9
percent), Quaid-i-Azam Birth Place Museum Karachi (1.6 percent),
Allama Iqbal Museum Sialkot (1.5 percent), Peshawar Museum
Peshawar (0.9 percent), Allama Iqbal Museum Lahore 1.0 percent.
Quaid-i-Azam House Museum Karachi (0.7 percent) and Dir Museum
Chak Dara (0.5 percent).
In year 2004, Moenjodaro maintained its highest position among the
archaeological sites and received 79.11 percent of the total visitors,
followed by Banbhore 13.1 percent, Umer Kot 5.2 percent and Takht-
e-Bahi 2.6 percent.


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