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List of Hotels in Murree

This is a non exhaustive list of hotels in Murree some of these hotels offer good rooms and facilities and some do not, however the list is presented here for our Pakistani travellers who wish to travel to Murree and find their own hotel. If you need a pre-planned hotel and tour in Murree please contact us we will design an exclussive tour for you at our selected hotels.

Hotel Name & Address Phone number
Pearl Continental Hotel, Bhurban U.A.N - 111-505-505, 0513355568-76
Sleep Inn hotel & Restaurant bhurban murree Mohra sharif road 051-3022284/051-3352063
Gauf Hotel, Bhurban 0513410507
Forest View guest house, Bhurban 0513555364
Hotel Bhurban International, Bhurban 0513555075
Cecil Hotel, Cart Road 0513411131-32-34
Bright Land Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513410570
Lock Wood Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513410112-0513410228
Musiari Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513411514f
AlQamer Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513410300
Dilkshah Hotel, Cart Road 0513410005-0513410008
AlBader Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513411705-051410764
Fountain View, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513410873
Islamabad View Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513411499
Diana City, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513412124
Capital Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513411407
AlSabtini Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513410106
Red Himalayan hotel, Upper Ghikagali Road 0513410379
Sirghoda guest house 0513422459
Green Flats, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513411034
Bilal Guest House, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513412560
Wood Berry Hotel, Club Road 0513411212-13
Greens View Hotel, Club Road 0513410978
Tree Top Hotel, Club Road 0513410015
Gillanis Hotel, Club Road 0513410836
Murree Queens, Club Road 0513412004-0513411580
Happy holiday, Club Road 0513412391
Falton Hotel, Bank Road 0513411464-65
Al-Hayat Guest House, Bank Road 0513410664
Sherwani House, Bank Road 0513411224
Hotel 4 Season, Bank Road 0513412897-98 Fax:412889
Al-Maida Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410281
Marhabba Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410183-051410284
Usmania Hotel and Resurent, Jinnah Road 0513411337
Al-Saud Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410250
Glamours, Jinnah Road 0513410232
The Mall Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410206
New Moon Light, Jinnah Road 0513411594
Al-Bilal Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513411281
Al-Khaliq Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513412345
Chinar Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410244-45-0513410744
Waqar Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410209
Khyber Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410182
Magistic Hotel, Jinnah Road  
Tahir Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513412719
New Punjab Frontier Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410642
Hotel HOliday Express, Jinnah Road 0513411178
Hotel Orient, Jinnah Road 0513410155
Al-Khleej Hotel, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513412237-38
Wood Land, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411227-0513412227
Kashmir Paradise, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411922
Sky View, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513412049
Pleasent View, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411234-0513411448-9
Shobra Hotel, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513410177
Khan's Heaven, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513412228-229
Paradise, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513410044
Blue Star Hotel, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411372
Al-Falah Guest House, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513410315
Hill Palace, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411413
Bilton Guest House, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411364
Siroz Hotel, near G.P.O 0513411891-92
Hotel Java International, near G.P.O 0513410887
Ritz Continental Hotel, near G.P.O 0513410876
Taj Mehal Hotel, near G.P.O 0513411081
Kashmir Villa, near G.P.O 0513410408
Mall View Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513411111
Ambassador Hotel, near G.P.O 0513411074
Twin Star, Kuldana Road 0513411301
New Empire Hotel, Kuldana Road 0513411085
Crystal Palace Hotel, Cart Road 0513411700
Faran Hotel, Kuldana Road 0513411270
New Faran Hotel, Kuldana Road 0513410380
Graind Heights, Hall Road 0513411711
Metro Pool Hotel, Hall Road 0513411525
Diamont Hotel, Hall Road 0513412357
Kamran Hotel Flats, Sunny Bank 0513410363
Lasani Htel, Sunny Bank 0513411143
Shangrilla Hotel, Lawerence College Road 0513410692-0513410090
Blue Pines Inn, By Pass Road 0513410235
Royal Hotel, Pindi Point 0513413253
Murree Regency Hotel, Pindi Point 0513411618-0513410770
Spensors Hotel, Pindi Point 0513411537
Breeze Hotel, Pindi point 0513411088
P.O.F Guest House, pindi Point 0513411802-0513411804
Abbasi Flats, Ghikagali 0513411321
Abbasi House, Ghikagali 0513411689
Shifang Hotel, upper Ghikagali 0513411504
Shah Rukh Flats, Abid Majeed Road 0513410111
Blue Moon hotel, Abid Majeed Road 0513411981-0513411982
Hotel Greece, Abid Majeed Road 0513411309
Summer Point, Abid Majeed Road 0513411072
Elite Guest House 03005134098
View Forth Hotel, View Forth Road 0513411268
East View Hotel, Abid Majeed Road 0513410338
Al-Sana Hotel, Abid Majeed Road 0513410669-0513410449
Mehran Hotel, Abid Majeed Road 0513410280
Lalazar Hotel, View Forth Road, GPO 0513414553-0513410615-0513410150
Lailpur Hotel, Sirozgali, GPO 0513410310
Malik House, Sirozgali, GPO 0513410378
Hotel Mushkpouri 0513411039
Butt Tourist Inn, Sirozgali, GPO 0513411051
Qureshi Hotel, Lower Bazar, near GPO 0513411541-2
Al-Hamra Hotel, Sirozgali, GPO 0513410460-0513411540-0513411035
Al-Ramzan Hotel, Sirozgali, GPO 0513410263
Holiday Resort Hotel, Motor Agency 0513410053
Four Star Hotel, Cart Road 0513412094
Al-Madina Hotel, Cart Road 0513411235
Shan Guest House 0513411149
White Palace Hotel 0513411146
Al-Jannat Guest House 0513410301
Sarhad Hotel 0513411879-0513410879
Park View hotel 0513411741
Mountain View hotel 0513410850
Chaimbers Hotel 0513410135
New Rich Villa Hotel 0513412231
Al-Saba Hotel 0513410713
Nayaz Hotel, Motor Agency 0513410871
Pakeeza hotel, motor Agency 0513411360
Blue Pines Hotel, motor Agency 0513410230
Malkot Guest House, Ring Road 0513410251
Hotel Murree International, Motor Agency 0513410173
Al-Motel Hotel, GBS 0513412143
Hotel Sky Lark, GBS 0513412600
Ghaus Hotel, GBS 0513411044
Summer Palace Hotel, Cart Road 0513411902
Ahmed Guest House, Ring Road 0513412349
New Hazara Flats, Ring Road 0513411498
New Shan hotel, GBS 0513411879
Benteral Hotel, Motor Agency 0513412105
Kainaat Guest House, Motor Agency 0513411861
Orion Hotel, Motor Agency 0513411592
Noor Mehal Hotel, near Kashmir Villa hotel 0513412790-0513412447
New Shalimar hotel, Motor Agency 0513411415
Spring Hill Hotel, Club Road 0513413400


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