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Occupation wise, one-fifth of domestic tourists were students,
followed by 18.5 percent skilled/agriculture & Fishery workers, 18.3
percent housewives, 12.7 percent sale/ service workers, 8 percent
businessmen, 7 percent Government Officials and 15 percent other
categories. ( See Table No. 4.3 of Statistical Appendix).
Domestic tourists, usually use three types of accommodation;
relative's house, hotels and own house which combined together
makes more than 94.2 percent of the total accommodation used.
More than three-quarters of them stayed with their relatives while
the use of hotel accommodation was 15.0 percent only. (See Table
No. 4.4 of Statistical Appendix).
Domestic tourism is a male dominated activity, concentrated mostly
among those below 40 years of age. Most domestic tourists viz 30.8
percent fall in the age group of 16-30 years, followed by 24.5 percent
between 31-40 years, 17.2 percent from the age under 15 & 41 to 50
years each, and 10.3 percent in the age group of 51 years and
above. (See Table No. 4.5 of Statistical Appendix).

Major Peaks/Treks and Places of Tourist Attraction and other
information on Tourism:

Pakistan offers a large number of sites and resorts for the visitors
besides adventure peaks/treks.
List of major peaks, treks, places of tourist
attractions and tourist facilities created by provincial and Federal
Government and other information on tourism in Pakistan may be seen at
Table Nos. 5.1 to 5.19 of Appendix.

Summary and Conclusions

Foreign Tourism
Foreign tourist arrivals increased from 0.501 million in 2003 to 0.648
million in 2004, showing a significant increase of 29.4 percent over
the previous year.
In 2004, the world tourist arrivals increased by 10 percent (projected)
and tourist arrival in South Asia increased by 20 percent (projected).
In value terms, foreign tourism receipts were US $ 186 million in 2004
against US $ 136 million in 2003 as per State Bank of Pakistan,
indicating a strong increase by 36.9 percent in 2004, over the
previous year.


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