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Questions Modern World Posts to islam

In the past, unbelief was the result of ignorance. Then, when people learned about the truth, they were enlightened and found peace of mind. But recently unbelief, rejection and denial have been attitudes of those who consider themselves knowledgeable in all fields, who claim to accept and believe only on rational or scientific ground. Cloaked in science and rational philosophy, the activity of unbelief continues in many forms. The quality of believers’ submission is impaired, under constant threat and attack.

The author of this book, sensitive to the real questions people have the questions given rise to by the modern age has tried, through patient argument, to answer people’s doubts and questions.


  • Is the Qur’an, as some people say, the work of the Prophet Muhammad? If not, how can it be proved that it is not?
  • How should we respond when modern science and scientific facts are mentioned to show that they are in agreement with the Qur’an?
  • Islam is a way of life and of belief revealed by God, and that way requires submission to God. How can this be in accord with sense and reason, as is claimed?
  • Is it true that the Qur’an mentions everything of benefit to man? If so, does it make reference to some of the questions that science and technology work on today?
  • What was the Divine Wisdom in the Qur’an’s being revealed in stages over a period of 23 years?
  • Why did the revelation of the Qur’an open with the command iqra’ or read?
  • What does it mean to say ‘as time grows older, the Qur’an gets younger’?
  • What is prophethood? What does it mean for people? Did all the prophets appear in the Arabian Peninsula? Were there people among whom a prophet was not raised? If so, can those to whom prophets were not sent be held responsible for their beliefs and actions?
    click How many prophets have been sent to mankind?
  • Why was no prophet raised from among women?
    click Was the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, the Prophet solely for the Arabs? Or for all nations and all times?
  • What were the reasons behind the several marriages of the Prophet, upon him be peace?
  • A hadith says: ‘There is a reward as much as that of one hundred martyrdoms for one who adheres to my Sunna when my ummah are spoilt.’ What is the importance of understanding Sunna today? How should we apply it to our lives in this age?
    click God certainly knows how we act and live in this world, whether we obey His commands or not. So, what is the meaning of being sent to this world to be tested?
  • Five prayers a day are compulsory in Islam. However, in the extreme polar regions a day or a night lasts six months each, in the sense that the sun is always visible or always invisible. So, how does one pray there?

    As God does not need our worship, why need we do so, and if we do, why not do it in whatever way we wish?

    Is man’s intention enough to save him?

    How should a disbeliever be approached and addressed, and what should he or she be be told first?

    What is jihad? And what are its greater and lesser aspects?

    God has bestowed material wealth and comfort, status and prestige, upon some people, but poverty, misery and affliction upon others. Does this mean that God has preferred those who are wealthy, or that those who are poor are really worse off or that they are somehow evil? What is the meaning behind such differences?

    Why did God not endow His servants equally? Why did He create some of them blind, disabled, or afflicted in other ways?

    Can Islam by itself deal with every problem?

    If the manner and moment of every death is predestined wherein lies the guilt of a killer?

    The people of Sodom, Gomorrah and some other civilizations were destroyed for their abominable sins. There are more sinners today and many more acts of unprecedented indecency committed everywhere. Why does God not send a punishment, a scourge from heaven or a total destruction to the nations?

    The Qur’an says: God lets go astray whoever He wills and guides aright whoever He wills (al-Muddasir, 74.31). However, we also know from the Qur’an that God bestows reason, intellect and free will upon man, and leaves him the choice of the way of good or evil. How can we reconcile these?

    What will become in the hereafter of those who were born and live in non-Islamic countries?

    Why is ilhad, atheism, so widespread?

    What is tenasukh (reincarnation)? Does it conform in any way to the teachings of Islam?

    Some say that Muslims invaded and occupied territories for the sake of conquest and exploitation, as Western imperialist powers did. Was this so?

    How is it that Islam, a religion inspired by God for the good of humanity, allows slavery?

    They say religion is a means contrived (by mankind) to cover up problems that man could not solve but which, with further advances in civilization, will one day be solved-and so, they ask, will religion no longer be needed?

    What is the difference between the words Allah and God?

    Why did God create the universe? Did He need to? Why did He not do so sooner rather than later?

    What are the Essence and Attributes of God? Can we describe Him? How can we respond to those who ask, ‘Why can’t we see God?’, and ‘Given that God created everything, who created God?’


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