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Medical Tours

We strive to provide you the top quality service for your health and wellness tours. Whether you need to relax for some days, you want to get your self fit after a long period of hardships, you need to groom yourself to modern trends or you or your loved ones need a treatment. We are here to help you to chose a destination where you can find the best of every thing. Best medical plastic surgery or grooming services, best hotels, best relaxing spots or scenery.

We work with a number of medical centers based abroad that offer the highest quality of service and facilities. Our portfolio of centers with whom we have built relations are based in Europe Africa & Asia.

We have packages for every part of the world. Please feel free to contact us to plan your very special tour or treatment.

We have over 8 years experience of sending patients abroad for treatment the Medical Centres at which you will be treated have English speaking staff and experience of serving international patients We believe in an honest and trustworthy relationship with our customers We can organize correspondence between yourself, us and the Medical Centre prior to your departure. We will provide you photos of the hospital, CV of the doctor that is to treat you and an information pack prior to your departure.

Major Destinations


German Hospitals are well known for high standards of medical and nursing care highly qualified physicians, who become specialists in their field only after long and intensive training, professional nurses who really care about the patient's needs, modern medical equipment in the country, where they invent it. The quality of service in Germany is under continuous government supervision so is the price system which makes Germany one of the most sought after destination for any type of procedure. Our Partners in Germany have option of most luxurious treatment which include flying to Germany by private Jet with Doctor on board top class hotels and hospital arrangement and immediate treatment upon arrival.


Italy is the destination of great food nature and friendly people. We have many options in Italy from basic face/fashion make over to the most complex surgery. We have several partners in Italy who can give us all the support needed for Visas, ground arrangement and hospital appointments.


Spain has a long tradition in the field of healthcare and quality of life. Barcelona is also home to a great many outstanding buildings, architectural styles and cultural attractions that are unique in their genres. Anyone coming to the city for a few days to gain firsthand knowledge will be more than compensated by Barcelonaís Mediterranean climate and passion for life.

Our partners in Barcelona, Spain offer most competitive medical packages in Southern Europe. They provide high-quality integrated medical-care service at most highly regarded and internationally renowned medical centres in Barcelona. All surgical procedures including Cosmetic Surgery are available.


Dubai is needs no introduction however one will be surprised that Dubai is attracting medical tourists from around the World. Dubai has estate of the arte American hospital which offer numerous procedures and treatments, for cosmetic surgery and fashion make over for women Dubai is a heaven of fashion and beauty you can find surgeons from all parts of the world. We have special arrangement with our partners in Dubai & Abu Dhabi who can provide us details of cost time and can organize every thing for us.


Malaysia has gained reputation as one of the preferred locations for medical tourism and healthcare tours by virtue of its highly efficient medical staff and modern healthcare facilities. Medical expertise in Malaysia is at par with the western countries and most private hospitals in the country have internationally recognized quality standards. All private medical centers are approved and licensed by the Ministry of Health and are required to maintain stringent quality standards. People from around the world visit Malaysia for Medical Tourism and avail high quality medical treatment in some of the best healthcare facilities in the country. Medical Tourism in Malaysia has been patronized by tourists looking for critical medical treatment as well as by people in need of cosmetic and preventative care.


Medical tourism is a growing segment of Thailand's tourism and health-care sectors. Treatments for medical tourists in Thailand range from cosmetic, organ transplants and orthopedic treatments to dental and cardiac surgeries. Treatments also include spa, physical and mental therapies. Thailand offers everything from cardiac surgery to organ transplants at a price much lower than the US or Europe. Thai medicine also features a higher, more personalized level of nursing care than westerners are accustomed to receiving in hospitals at home. Thai health care system has high marks for quality, particularly facilities in Bangkok, although the World Health Organization ranks the Thai healthcare system at number 47, below the USA's ranking at 37 and the United Kingdom's ranking at 18.


Singapore is Asia's leading medical hub, providing internationally accredited, world- class health care for international patients. Singapore's health care services are built on a heritage of excellent quality, safety and advanced research, giving patients and their familiesí peace of mind.

Check best rates for hotels worldwide. We will search all web sites on the Internet for you. You check the rates and book hotel from the web site that offers the best rates.


China is well known for Acupuncture but the Allopathic facilities in China of highest standard in fact is is regarded as 3rd best destination after Germany & UK. You can go to China for any treatment be it Acupuncture or any other procedure. We will help you decide the hospital and also give you details of hotels and other facilities.

Hong Kong

A wide range of health care services are offered in Hong Kong. All of Hong Kong's private hospitals have been surveyed and accredited by the UK's Trent Accreditation Scheme since early 2001. This has been a major factor in the ascent of standards in Hong Kong's private hospitals. Hong Kong is also the home of Disney Land and finest Spas and wellness center.


Ukraine features modern dental clinics with high-quality equipment, materials and effective anesthetics. They provide patients with dentistry services at lower cost in comparison with Western and Russian clinics. Other popular medical tourism offerings in Ukraine include spas, ophthalmology (eye surgery), plastic surgery, and mud baths. As yet, Ukraine medical clinics have yet to seek international healthcare accreditation.

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