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Islam and the current situations

Islam is not an other name of Terrorism nor it teaches or promotes hate. Islam is the largest faith of the world and there are numerous factions and there are numerous group. Islam is religion that has bee brought up for the whole mankind, not Muslims alone. Quraan always speaks to mankind not Muslims alone. Islam is a way of life for every human on this earth. The recent situation in the world is strictly politically motivated by a very very tiny minority of the people from within Islamabad the west which has set an agenda to promote terrorism. Terrorism is not only promoted by Muslims but it is desired by some groups in the west and east and the most poorest nations of the world who are deprived of the basic life style are selected to do the operations.

The countries like Afghanistan and even Arab countries have people who are devies the very basic right of comfortable living. In rich Arab countries Arabs keep the poor as slaves or if not slaves they virtually have no rights. This very frustration make these people vulnerable to perform the dangerous acts which are directed by people who are NOT MUSLIMS.

Following 2 Interviews of the His Highness the Aga Khan shed some light on the very core reasons


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