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Dear Pakistan Explorers,

We do understand your love to see Pakistan. As soon as locked down is lifted and it is once again safe to travel, we will be pleased to offer you the tours as per on our site. We are open for planning for your tours, please feel free to email us at or call us at 0321-9277881 or 0321-2424778 for planning your tour of Pakistan.

Pakistan Tours for Pakistanis During the pandemic

Following tours are specially prepared for the tourists who wish to get out of lockdown and visit some parts of Pakistan. We strictly follow Government SOPs for tourism and also adhere to all WHO standard disinfection of our cars. We use hotels who have committed us the best of the facilities in their rooms makijg sure you will be safe. Due to these measures the cost of the tour is indeed on higher side but will try to minimize our profit to meet this.

Lockdown Tours of Pakistan

3 Days Murree & Galiyat tour from Islamabad:- Visit Murree and Galiyat stay at Hotel one by Pearl Continent and enjoy the natural beauty and hikes in the Galiyat. more details

4 Days Lahore Multan tour visit the historical Lahore Harrappa Multan uch sharief a perfect tour with kids to let them learn about history and culture of Pakistan. More details

4 days Multan Bahawalpur Cholistan tour visitt he charm of desert in the Cholistan desert visit the Derawar fort, Chanan Pir Uch Sharief and more More details

5 Days Sindh historical tour visit the breath taking sites of ancient history, mohen Jo Daro, Kot DG, Ranikot and Thatta More Details

For foreigners please visit our main tours section

Summer 2020 Tours for Pakkistanis

Naran  Kaghan Tours Hunza Gilgit Skardu Tours Murree, Galiyat & Kashmir

3 days Naran & Shogran Tour

4 days Naran & Shogran Tour

5 days Naran & Shogran (Kaghan Valley) Tour

6 days Naran & Shogran Tour

7 days Naran, Shogran, Nathiagali & Murree Tour

7 days Naran & Shogran (Kaghan Valley) Tour

7 days Naran, Shogran, Muzafarabad & Murree Tour

8 days Shogran, Naran Chilas & Nanga Parbat Tour

Honneymoon Packages in Kaghan

10 Days Kaghan, Hunza & Swat Tour

10 Days Silk Road Tour

7 Days Silk Road Tour

15 Days Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu & Nanga Parbat Tour

10 Day Honeymoon in Hunza Valley

10 Days Lahore, Islamabad, Gilgit & Hunza

5 Days Skardu & Shangri La Tour By Air

7 Days Skardu Khaplu & Shigar tour

Honeymoon in Khaplu Fort Residence

7 Days Deosai Skardu Shangri-la Tour

10 Days Gilgit Hunza Shandur Chitral & Kalash tour

20 days Chitral, Gilgit Hunza & Skardu package

3 Days Murree Nathiagali Tour

5 days Nathiagali & Murree Tour

5 days Kashmir & Murree Tour

2 days Kashmir Tour

3 Days Kashmir Tour

3 Days Neelam Valley

4 Days Neelam Valley

5 Days Neelam Valley Tour

4 Days Kashmir Tour

5 Days Kashmir Neelam Velly Tour

Sindh & Punjab Tours Peshawar, Swat Tours Adventures for Students
3 Dyas Karachi Thatta Tour

4 Days Bahawalpur Cholistan Tour

5 days Soft Adventure tour for Bahawalpur, Derawar & Multan

10 Days Ancient Culture & History South East Pakistan tour

6 Days Sindh Tour Package

7 Days Punjab & Potohar Package

7 Days Villages of Punjab tour

5 Days Bird watching in Keenjhar and Sanghar tour

4 Days Kalar Kahar & Khewra tour

4 Days Swat Tour

4 Days Swat Gandhara Historical tour

5 Days Swat tour for families

5 Days Swat Tour Historical

6 days Swat valley Tour

7 days Swat valley Tour

7 days Swat & Bhurban, Patriata, Nathiagali

10 Day Chitral Shandur Gilgit Hunza Tour

5 Days Swat Honeymoon Tour

8 Days Islaamabd Murree Swat

10 Days Naran, Babusar Deosai Camping tour

7 Days Kaghan to Deosai Jeep Safari

10 Days Trekking training in Hunza

Please visit our Adventure Tours Section

10 Days Shogran, Naran and Hunza valley Tour

All above packages are updated and are valid for 2019

The flights to Pakistan can be very long and exhausting. If you are spending more than half a day in a plane you may want to consider investigating business class airfares. A business class seat can be a relaxing and rewarding experience that might be worth the additional price to your airfare.

Autumn in the Northern areas is very colorful, the trees change colors from green to yellow, red and orange colors, the sky also turns into vibrant colors, following are some of the packages that we will recommend for Autumn from September to late November

Special tour options: Ramadan in Kaghan | Spring Packages | Transport rates for Northern Ares (Gilgit Baltistan)

5 Days Kashmir Neelam Banjosa

7 Days Kashmir tour

All rates quoted in Pakistani Rupees for Pakistani tourists obly. For foreigners please Check our Culture tours


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