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3. Conclusion:
Foreign visitors to culture places showed an upward trend in 2004.
Visitors to historical places/ museums and archaeological sites in
Pakistan increased from 0.0182 million in 2003 to 0.0342 million in
2004, reflecting a record increase of 87.9 percent while the position of
domestic visitors indicate a decrease of 6.2 percent over 2003.
Cultural places received 2.621 million visitors in 2004 compared to
2.776 million in 2003, reflecting a decrease of 5.6 percent over the
previous year. The decline in overall visitors is attributed to decline in
domestic visitors to culture places.
A remarkable increase of 133.3 percent was recorded in foreign
visitors to historical sites in 2004, as the number of foreign visitors to
historical places increased from 0.006 million in 2003 to 0.014 million
in 2004, while a significant decline of 11.4 percent of domestic visitors
was noted in 2004.
In 2004 total visitors to museums were 0.57 million indicating an
increase of 4.0 percent over 2003, foreign visitor to museums
increased from 0.011 million in year 2003 to 0.018 million in year
2004, showing a high increase of 63.6 percent over year 2003.
In year 2004, total visitors to archaeological site were 0.153 million,
indicating a strong growth of 59.4 percent over year 2003. Foreign
visitors to archaeological sites increased from 0.001 million in year
2003 to 0.002 million in year 2004, reflecting a growth of 100 percent,
while domestic visitors showed a rise of 58.9 percent during the same
In year 2004, the highest arrival months to cultural places were in July
and August with index being 122 and 138 respectively. The lowest
visitors months were May and January with index being 75 and 82
The long term trends indicate five negative and five positive trends
over the period 1995 to 2004. From 1995 to 1997 the visitors
continually decreased from 2.214 million to 1.798 million. Whereas it
increased to 2.175 million in 1998 it further increased to 2.273 million
in 1999 and again rose to 2.581 million in 2000. However, it dropped
to 2.235 million in 2001. But it increased to 2.298 million in 2003,
whereas it decrease to 2.621 million in 2004.


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