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Sindhi Phrases
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Sindhi is an Indo Aryan language which is spoken in the south eastern Pakistan, the Sindh province. It is a historical language which has evolved from the early times of history. It was the first language in which Quraan was translated to. The translation was made possible by Abdullah bin Umar bin Abdul Aziz on a request of a Hindu Raja Mehruk in 884 CE

Sindhi has words from many languages in Europe Asia and Middle East. For example the word for farmer is derived from the word Aratro of Latin similarly word Harvest is derived from the word Hari (Farmer) of Sindhi. Word Day of English has relation to the word Deo (Lamp) same word (Deo) is also referred to as god in Latin

Among other influences Sindhi has words from Pali, Arabic, Sanskirit (Although it is proven that actually Sanskirit was it self stemmed from Sindhi). This section provides few words of Sindhi to get a little knowledge of the language for general traveler.

English Sindhi
Hello Assalam O Alaikum
Goodbye Allah Wahi
Good morning Subho Bakhair
Good afternoon Assalam o Alaikum
Good evening Sham Jo Salam
Yes Ha
No Na
Please Mehrbani
Thanks Meharbani
Excuse me (to get past) Maaf Kajo Rasto Dijo
Excuse me (to get information) Maaf Kajo
My name is ....... Muhenjo Nalo ........ aahe
What is your name? Awhaan jo nalo chha aahe?
Pleased to meet you Awhaan saan mili Khushi Thi
How much does this cost? Hi ketre jo aahe (Hin je keemat chha aahe?
Can you help me please? chha Awhan muhenji madad kanda?
I am trying to learn Sindhi (Male) Maan sindhi sikhan ji koshis kare rahyo aahyan?
I am trying to learn Urdu (Femeale) Maan sindhi sikhan ji koshis kare rahi aahyan?
Sorry Maaf Kajo
What Happened Chha thiyo
Where are you going Awhaan kithey piya wanjo
I am going to .................(Male) Aaoon ........... wanjan piyo
I am going to .................(Female) Aaoon ........... wanjan paii
Where is Food Khado kithey aahe?
How to get to Museum  or Way to museum Museum jo rasto kehro aahe
Today is Monday Aaj Soomar aahe
What happned Chha thiyo
When kadheen
I want to go back (Male) Aaoon wanjan chahyan tho
I want to go back (Female) Aaoon wanjan chahyan thi
I am Sorry Moon khe afsos aahe

Sindhi In a Shop

English Sindhi
Hello Assalam O Alaikum
How are you Kehra haal aahin
How Much is this Hi ketre paisan jo aahe
Its Expanssive Mahango aahe
Please reduce the price a bit Kujh keemat ghat karyo
I will give you 100 Rupees Maan sao rupya deendus
No na
Please Meharbani
Thanks Meharbani
Show me a good one Maan khe sutho dekharyo
What is this Hi chha aahe
very good Tamam Sutho
Clothes Kapra
Food Stuff Khadhe jo saman
My stuff Muhenjo saman
Please give me a bag Moon khe hik bag dinjo
What is the total Total ketra thiya

Sindhi Phrases in a restaurant

English Sindhi
Hello Assalam O Alaikum
How are you Awhaan Keen Aahyo?

Kehra Haal aahin?

How Much is this Hi ketre paisan jo aahe

What is available to eat

Khadhe laey chha aahe
What is less spicy Ghat masale waro chha aahe
I am Vegitarian Aoon sirf bhaji khan tho
Please bring the bill Mehrbani kare bill aanyo
Food was great Tamam Sutho
I didnt enjoy the food Khadho sutho na lago
Is there any thing else Kujh biyo aahe?
Its Expanssive He mahango aahe
No Na
Please Meharbani
Thanks Meharbani
Excuse me (to get information) Maaf Kajo
My name is ....... Muhenjo Nalo ...........  Aahe
What is your name? Awhaan jo nalo chha aahe

Counting in Sindhi

All English counting words are understood well so if you don't know the Sindhi word you can easily use English counting

English Sindhi
One Hik
Two Ba
Three Te


Five Punja
Six Chha
Seven Sat
Eight Atha
Nine Nava
Ten Daha
Eleven Yrhaanh
Twelve Barhaanh
Thirteen Terhanh
Forteen Chodhanh
Fifteen Pandranh
Sixteen Soranhh
Seventeen Satranhh
Eighteen Arnahh
Ninteen Unweeha
Twenty Weeha
Fifty Punjah
Hundred Sow
Thousand Hazaar

Names of days

English Sindhi
Monday Soomar
Tuesdy Angaro
Wednesday Arbaa


Friday Jumoo
Saterday Chanchar
Sunday Aachar
Today Aju
Yesterday Kalh
Tomorrow Subhane
Morning Subhu
Evening Shaam
Afternoon Be Pahar
Night Raat
What is day today Aaju chajo deenh aahe

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