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Welcome to Al Rawdatain Residences Karbala Details


The City of Sorrow
Hal Min Nasirin Yansurna
Hal Min Mughethee, Yugheethuna
Labbayk, Ya Hussein, Labbayk, Ya Imam

The story begins on Eid al-Ghadeer after the Holy Prophet’s (pbuh) last Hajj. The story unveils as Imam Hussein (A.S), his family and companions leave Madina al Munawarah and arrive in Karbala 51 years later. This is a journey with no end.

It is our journey to continue and instill into our daily lives. Millions of pilgrims mourn in Karbala every year, yet it still remains a distant journey that each and
every Shia longs to make.

Karbala is in our hearts and our souls. It is the nal home of our Imam (A.S) and Hazrat Abbas (A.S).


And the faithful walk upon foot for their pilgrimage, those in Karbala will be blessed once they seek salvation... The tragedy of Karbala, the grief and the nal moments of our Imam’s (A.S) life are engraved into our lives. All sacri ces deserve remembrance. The greatest of sacrifices deserves the greatest of remembrance.

Your pilgrimage to Karbala should not be infrequent. You now have the ability to own your home in Karbala. Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza ensures Karbala is accessible to all and moreover, a gift for your future generations


Karbala Today

Karbala is a place, where both young and old follow the path of Imam Hussein (A.S). Each year over twenty million pilgrims pay homage in Karbala during the months of Muharram and Safar alone, yet this city of martyrs’ faces a severe scarcity of the most basic accommodation for its guests.

Currently, all hotels in Karbala face intense burden to cater to the growing number of pilgrims. This pressure manifests itself in the diminution of our sacred journey and our spiritual experience.

Karbala Tomorrow

Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza covers contemporary suites of various sizes and provides the full range of ve star hospitality services. The development has been inspired by our religious culture and beliefs. Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza is a state of the art, modern and secure development located in tranquil green spaces within a convenient walking distance from the Shrines. Passionately, through its generous and welcoming approach, Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza will provide the highest standards of service to its guests all year long


Your Address in Karbala

Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza prides itself as the only ve star development, within a radius of one kilometre from the Holy Shrines. It is practically a fifteen minutes walk to attend your daily prayers. The views from your suite make you feel a part of the Holy City.

The most important element of our positioning is our unique proximity from Baghdad Avenue that leads to the entrance  of Hazrat Abbas’ (A.S) Shrine. Your address is slightly o the main road to provide for your security and safety.

Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza

The residences are traditional architecture  fused with modern interiors. A dedicated  team waits ready to serve you at all times. Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza provides
true ve star comforts.

Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza is the 1rst of its kind to rise from the pious soil of the Holy City of Karbala. A harmonious and serene experience awaits you.
Stepping inside your fully serviced residence, the aura around you will be the re ection of peace and warmth that will stay with you through your sacred journey. Whether you decide to make this journey alone or with your family, Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza has a range of fully furnished studios, one and two bedroom suites available to make your stay as comforting and as ful lling as possible. The atmosphere promises to entice your sense of belonging with Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza as your true home in the Holy City of Karbala.

Mulkiyat Intifa’a - Certainty and Flexibility

Range Hospitality, in conjunction with our Shariah advisor (His Eminence Ayatullah Sayed Fadhel Milani), has developed a Shariah compliant fractional ownership proposition - Mulkiyat Intifa’a. Mulkiyat Intifa’a is centered around established principles of property ownership that ensures certainty, as well as, exibility. Under the Mulkiyat Intifa’a scheme, you will acquire a speci c unit in Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza for a speci c period (selected from the calendar of seasons) entitling you to enjoy the use of this suite for the particular period for the next fty years.

Moreover, through Range Hospitality’s Exchange Programme, you will be able to exchange your period of usage (subject to availability) from year to year in addition to combining periods (from future years) to allow for longer visits to the Holy City Karbala. The rights acquired under the Mulkiyat Intifa’a scheme are eligible for sale, inheritance, gift or rental – a truly unique proposition that combines owning your home in Karbala with investment returns.


All the suites in Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza are designed to international standards. They o er an unparalleled blend of comfort, personal security and customer service. From controlled lighting to ultra high quality linens, our interior designers have  paid attention to every detail to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

Amenities of each suite

• Full air conditioning/heating
• TV and DVD players
• Direct dial telephones
• Internet access
• Safe deposit boxes
• Comfortable furniture and accessories
• 24 hour security
• Round the clock housekeeping services


An Innovative and Established Developer Jointly Giving Back to the Community

Our vision is to simply create; provide an authentic Islamic lifestyle to the growing needs of pilgrims. We earn your trust on your spiritual journeys. This makes us privileged to be your preferred choice. From the intricate design of our developments to our meticulous full service proposition, Range Hospitality distinctively stands aloft. We are professionals with a heartfelt passion that drives our commitment

We believe thoughtful developments require special attention to detail. They should speak of the true Islamic culture and values. Our rst development (Al Rawdatain Gardens, Mash’had) will be completed in 2011.

Our Fagship project, Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza, Karbala was launched during 2010. Communities welcome Range Hospitality as we recognize our social responsibility. Twenty per cent of our pro ts are donated to charitable causes


The word ‘Shaza’ means fragrance, a fragrance that travels with the Eastern wind and the scent of belonging will greet guests upon their arrival at any of the Shaza properties. A contemporary, luxury, lifestyle brand, a Shaza Hotel represents a modern interpretation of ancient Eastern hospitality, with an emphasis on values and culture. Properties are design-led, to inspire, surprise and ensure a unique experience to our guests. Shaza focuses on the guest experience and ensures a highly personalised service style. All guest rooms are a combination of luxury and harmony, with spacious bathrooms and all the signature amenities required to ensure a comfortable stay. Creative and inspiring restaurants – such as the Shalimar lounge – guarantee to bring authenticity through regionally inspired recipes and creative presentations and service. Al Mura k is Shaza’s distinctive welcome service – a contemporary interpretation of traditional Eastern hospitality to deliver a real sense of arrival. Each guest is met by a dedicated Mura k member to facilitate a highly personalised guest experience delivered by genuine and sincere members of the Shaza team - from the moment of their arrival to the moment of departure, each guest will feel a unique level of hospitality. At Al Rawdatain Residences – like all Shaza properties – there is special attention also given to the needs of the family. An educational kid’s club is not simply designed to take care of children, but to provide them with inspiration and knowledge for their life’s journey

An enchanting, vibrant and dynamic world of fun revolves around 3 pillars: education, entertainment and exploration, through such facilities as a book corner, arcade room, playground, and arts and crafts zone. A soft play area is also provided for babies and toddlers. At Shaza, we understand the importance of family. Those with special needs will be cared for with space and ease of access, while Wi-Fi and internet connections will be available both for work and pleasure. Shaza has ambitious plans to open 25 – 30 hotels by 2016, and will provide the space, richness and inspirational qualities that discerning guests demand in a range of niche markets. Shaza Hotels will also include a collection of small boutique hotels with an historic connection, as part of the “Shaza Collection” – ultra luxurious, historic buildings that are small and intimate. The rst Shaza hotel opened in Al Madinah – the second most holy city in Islam – in December 2010 and other openings are scheduled throughout the next ve years in Iraq, Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia and Morocco. Shaza is a management company which operates hotels on behalf of the property owners, but it will also acquire approximately 10 properties via direct investment. A joint venture between Guidance Hotel Investment Company based in Paris, and Kempinski Hotels S.A. based in Geneva, Shaza is not a branch of Kempinski, but a new independent brand which bene ts from the operational expertise of Kempinski’s 113 years of hospitality experience.


How do you buy/rent/lease it (Investment plan)

The Residences are available to all through our unique Mulkiya Intifa’a scheme. This proposition is similar to fractional ownership scheme In this scheme you have the opportunity to acquire a specific suite in the Al Rawdatain Residences for a specific period, entitling you to enjoy the use of this suite for this particular period, for the next fifty years. You can Select weeks from our calendar of seasons.

The Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza is twelve storey’s in structure, with a collection of studio, one bedroom and two bedroom suites. There are extensive public areas, an array of restaurants and facilities for younger guests. A business and communication centre will be available, as well as transportation services and other amenities that ensure comfort and a pleasant stay.


Al Rawdatain Residences ownership cost is based on the season when you wish to own the apartment. The minimum price for a week in the low season is US$ 5500.00 you only have to pay US$ 1100.00 initially for booking and than pay US$ 550.00 after 3 months and remaining after the handover. The investment is secured by escrow with Standard chartered bank Dubai UAE

Prices for different seasons and different suite types

Contact us to book today

Suite Type Low Season Price Medium Season Price Peak Season Price Super Peak Season Price
Studio Suite Garden View US$ 5500.00 US$ 11000.00 US$ 16500.00 US$ 24750.00
Studio Suite Partial Haram View US$ 6000.00 US$ 11500.00 US$ 17000.00 US$ 25500.00
One Bedroom Suite Garden View US$ 9350.00 US$ 16280.00 US$ 21450.00 US$ 32175.00
One Bedroom Suite Partial Haram View US$ 9800.00 US$ 17000.00 US$ 22500.00 US$ 33750.00
Two Bedroom Suite Garden View US$ 13000.00 US$ 23000.00 US$ 32000.00 US$ 48000.00
Two Bedroom Suite Partial Haram View US$ 13000.00 US$ 23000.00 US$ 32000.00 US$ 48000.00
Two Bedroom Corner Suite Garden View US$ 16000.00 US$ 27000.00 US$ 37000.00 US$ 55000.00
Two Bedroom Corner Suite Full Haram View US$ 19000.00 US$ 30000.00 US$ 38000.00 US$ 57700.00

Contact us to book today  More details and pictures

The Proposition

Shariah compliant fractional ownership in Karbala by specific unit for for specific time period First five star hospitality complex in Karbala Fully serviced and fully furnished suites Investment Security

Escrow account with Standard Chartered Bank
Construction fully funded
Shaza Hotels appointed as the hotel operator assuring five star service adding value to your investment
Investment Returns

Greater returns due to first mover advantage
Costing as low as US$ 5 per bed per night
3 to 5 years payback period
Highly granular investment structure for retail proposition
Attractive payment plan
Flexibility and Accessibility

Transferable ownership
Potential capital gain through resale in the secondary market
Option to swap the periods, seasons and units based on availability through the Range Exchange Program


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Testimonial:-I would like to say that your Mr. Zulfiqar organized our trip very well, he kept looking all the changes we wanted to make and did a marvelous job. We highly recomend your company Dr. Tahir & Family
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