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Pakistan Tourism (Report) By Government of Pakistan.

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Table No. 5.12

The present government has taken a number of initiatives to attract investment in
tourism sector. The following incentives and concessions are available for foreign
investment in Tourism Trade and Industry:-
Tourism Industry:
Tourism is categorized as "Industry" according to the Investment Policy in vogue.
Ministry of Tourism can issue a Certificate that a project falls in the Category of
Tourism Industry.
Permission is not required for setting up of tourism project in the Private Sector.
Telephone, Telex, Fax facilities are provided to travel trade on priority basis.
Plant, Machinery & Equipment (PME) not manufactured locally can be imported
@ 5% custom duty.
Tax relief in the shape of Initial Depreciation Allowance (IDA) on all depreciable
assets in addition to normal depreciation allowable @ 10%.
Special equipment for adventure tourism activities like water sports, hang-gliding,
trekking, mountaineering, angling, golf, indoor sports equipment, power boats,
water rafts, canoes, water and snow skiing equipment provided by the travel
trade as a service to the tourists is allowed to be imported on 5% customs duty.
The central air-conditioning equipment and apparatus of general utility in hotels
are charged industrial tariff for electricity.
Foreign Exchange:
Permission of the State Bank of Pakistan is not required for repatriation of profits
from tourism projects.
Foreigners/local and Overseas Pakistanis can open foreign exchange accounts.
Full repatriation of capital, capital gains, dividends and profits is allowed.
However, the share of non-residents is required to be registered with State Bank
of Pakistan.
Foreign investment is welcome. However, it is the prime responsibility of all
parties concerned to ensure that foreign exchange has been raised through
legitimate transactions and not through money laundering etc.
Chartered Flights:
Permission for chartered flights is given by Ministry of tourism in consultation with
Ministry of Interior. Chartered flights are allowed on point-to-point basis from
Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar.
Helicopter chartered flight service is allowed anywhere in Pakistan.

Work Visas:
Work visas are granted to foreign technical and managerial personnel for the
purpose of transferring skills and know-how. The work visas can be issued for a
period upto 5 years. Ministry of Tourism's Representative is a member of the
team that issues work visas.
For further details please visit:
F&S Section, Ministry of Tourism.


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