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Coins at National Museum Karachi

Following are high quality images of the Coins at the National Museum Karachi. All pictures are taken with permission from the museum and are copy right protected, please do not print or publish these images without permission.

Kujala Kadphisis Kashan 78AD to 627AD

Vasu Kashan 4th century AD

Kanishka Kushan 60Ad

Vasudeva Kashan

Kanishka 60Ad

Kujala Kadphisis Kashan 78 627AD 0


Vasudeva Kashan Gold

Chandragupta Kashan

Kumara Gupta Kashan

Indo Sassanian of Maghada

Spala Pati Deva Shahis of Ohind 860 1000AD

Sasanian King Khusro Parviz

Indo Sassanian

Spala Pati Deva Shahis of Ohind 860 1000AD 4



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