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Hunza Local Food

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Following is menue of Hunza Local Food, we will be happy to arrange a dinner Lunch or even breakfast any time for you. (Groups or Individuals) Please call us at +923212424778


Glass of Milk Khanda (Per Serving)
Fitfi (Hunza Bread)
Guray Giyoling port Cokes Honey Toast Par at ha Porridge Corn flakes
Apricot Jam Fried egg Plain Omelette Mixed Omelette white Omelette
Scrambled eggs Boiled egg Haneetze Dawdo (Local Soup)

Group breakfast order Rs. 1450 per perosn (For More Than 4 Persons)

Tea White
Aprical Jam
Fired egg
Haneetze Dawdo

Lunch & Dinner Menu


Apricot Soup Rs. 320 Per person
Qurutze Dawdo 350 Per person
Haneetze Dawdo 340 Per person
Chaptze Dawdo 340 Per person
Tumoro Dawdo 300  Per person
Mardakhay e dawdo 350  Per person
Tomato soup with ch. egg Rs. 340  Per person
Vegetable Chicken Soup 360  Per person
Mamoo e Dawdo 340  Per person

Main Course

Haneetze Barikuts Rs. 700
Burus Barikutz Rs. 690
Chapshuro : 700 (Chicken & Vegetable)
Chapshuro 860 (Mutton & Beef)
Mulida (Dried Cheese) Rs. 780
Mulida Chhagurum : 810
Hoilo Garma Rs. 790
Tzamik Potatoes Rs. 750
Harisa Rs. 770
Supra Rs. 800
Haniey-e-Dacherum Rs. 1080
Homan-e- Dacherum Rs. 1080

Sharbat (only for Group Order)

Mull Rs. 500 per perosn
Mutouk Rs. Rs. 550
Chapay Kham Rs. 800
Shlkarkulz Curry Rs. 600

Breads (Hunza Local breads)

Chamuriki 400
Fitti 100
Baru e Giyal ] 60
Bukak E Shapik 180
Makay E Tutoro 220
Guray giyaling 200
Bay e Faqo 300
Hariy e Shapik 250
Hamamo Giyaling 250
Chapatti 25


Diram fiiti Rs. 650
Diram shuro 620
Ultan coq Rs. 600
Feltze faqo Rs. 350

Images of Local Food from hunza

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