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Wah Nobel Group of Companies

Company Profile:

To meet the indigenous requirements of commercial explosives for mining and various
infrastructural projects, it was decided to establish a company for manufacture of commercial explosives
in 1961. To meet this end in 1962 it entered into a joint venture with Bofors Sweden, for the indigenous
manufacture of commercial explosives and its accessories. Thus a company named, Wah Bofors
Explosives Company Limited now Wah Nobel (Pvt) Limited was founded. The project was a great
breakthrough. The success of Wah Nobel (Pvt) Limited spurred it to enlarge its scope of activities and

diversify its business. As a sequel following companies were established.

o Wah Nobel Chemicals Limited 1982
o Wah Nobel Baluchistan Explosives (Pvt) Ltd. - 1993
o Wah Nobel Acetates Limited - 1998
o Wah Nobel Gilgit-Baltistan (Pvt) Ltd - 2014
o Nobel Energy Ltd - 2014

 All the companies are being run on sound commercial lines and enjoy a solid reputation in the
market. As Wah Nobel Group products are manufactured by exercising stringent quality control, under
exacting international standards. Thus have won the trust of domestic as well as foreign customers.
 The Wah Nobel Group of Companies is certified for ISO 9001, 2000, 14001, 18001.
 Wah Nobel (Pvt) Limited.
The mother company was founded in 1962 and since its establishments has made phenomenal
progress. Indeed its a brand name in the field of commercial explosives. It operates across the country
and also exports its products to host of friendly countries. It is a silent contributor towards national
development and economy. At present Wah Nobel (Pvt) Ltd. is meeting 70% of the requirement of
commercial explosives of the country.
 The main products are:

o S 3
o Wabox
o Wabofite
o Wabonite
o Emulate 100
o Emulite 150
o Seismic Emulite (ES-3)
o Permissible Emulite (E-408)

o Plain Detonators
o Electric Detonators
o Leher Detonators (Non Electric)
o Seismic Detonators
o Delay Time Detonators
o Safety Fuse
o Wabocord
 Apart from manufacturing and supply of complete range of modern commercial explosives. We
provide the following services.
 Blasting Services including
o Blast design and pattern
o Onsite demonstration for the use of commercial explosives and its blasting accessories
o Training and seminars for professionals
o Consultancy
 Application of Commercial Explosives -
o Construction
o Quarrying/ Blasting Services
o Seismic Surveying
 Services for executing Blasting and Mining Activities:
o Explosives License for possession and use of explosives
o Transport License for the movement of explosives
o Explosives transportation
 Wah Nobel has made significant contribution in the completion of Mega National Projects i.e
Mangla Dam, Tarbela Dam, Karakoram Highway, Motorways, numerous mining projects and Oil & Gas
exploration. Indeed all National Projects In the realm of construction and development has a mark of Wah
Nobel (Pvt) Limited.
 Wah Nobel Chemicals Limited.
Wah Nobel Chemicals is 2nd Company of Wah Nobel Group. It was established in 1982.  The core products are as follow:-
o Urea Formaldehyde Glue
o Urea Formaldehyde Concentrate 85%
o Urea Formaldehyde Molding Compound (UFMC)
o Formaldehyde
o Phenol Formaldehyde
o Specials Resins
o Lamp Capping Cement
The Wah Nobel Chemicals Limited have been awarded the best performing trading company award
in RCCI region for Financial Year 2012-2013 by the President of Pakistan.
 Wah Nobel Acetates Limited.
The principal activity of the Company is to manufacture, import / export, all types and kinds of
Chemicals which include Acetaldehyde, Acetic Acid, Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate or any other
Acetate etc.
* Glacial Acetic Acid 99.5%
* Ethyl Acetates 99.5%
* Butyl Acetate 99.5%
* Sabutol Acetate 99.5%
* N-Propyle Acetate 99.5%
* Unisol
* Caustic Soda 96%, 98%
* IPA 99.9%, 85%
* Isomer Mixed Xylene
* N-Hexane
Contact Person: Mr. Arsalan Younas
Designation: Business Development Officer
Cell/Tel: 0333-5759484
Add: G.T Road, Wah Cantt


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